This is getting fun!

My setup here is that we've got 20 brokers, 650 printers, for 6700 users, running on NW6.5.6. All of them are running out of the W2K driver database since no one here wanted to start using iManager, and NWAdmin doesn't know about XP (or Linux, or Vista...).

I've fully populated one of my brokers with newest versions of XP drivers for 95% of the printers that we use here. Obviously, it would be nice to copy those drivers to the other brokers by copying the winXP folder.

Some questions, from those who've done this before:

1. Where are the driver profiles kept? I might... or might not... want to copy those. And, I probably don't want to overwrite those accidentially once they're running.

2. What is the best practice here... simply copy the folder and then restart the broker? Or down the broker before copying (broker is offline longer)?

3. Any other gotchas that I haven't seen yet in my little lab (none noted yet)?


Tim Wohlford, CNE