Have an issue with our latest acquisition and to a lesser degree with some
printers that have been up for a while.

We have a HP P3005DN set up as an NDPS/iPrint printer.

We use only NDPS except for poor fools with Vista of which there
are only one or two and they aren't using this.

We see this effect with some of our other printers to some degree, but not
all and am not sure why it affects some and not others.
All printers installed/managed using iManager 2.7 on NW, some issues getting
the drivers to import at times, so far managed to get them all in there, but
some will not install to workstations despite this.

I had to download a driver for this printer from HP as the one supplied on
CD is impossible to import to NDPS/iPrint, like virtually all drivers
shipped with printers - this frankly is a PIA and either NDPs/iPrint needs
to evolve to suit or just forget about importing drivers that don't import
and often don't install on the w/station when they do.

In a nutshell, that's the problem.
With this printer, installing to a workstation will go fine up to the point
where it gives out the warning blurb about connecting to the printer might
install a driver etc. OK. Get another dialog box saying that the server
'doesn't have the right driver installed' and we can ok to search for it or

On this particular printer, Ok brings up a dialog warning that the printer
driver for this printer hasn't passed windows logo testing. Click continue
anyway and we get another box claiming a file (hpcp3005.cf_) cannot be found
with a default path of c:\ndps\drvr_tmp where there is nothing...
If I browse to the server where the original driver is sitting after being
extracted from the download archive, the process goes through but finishes
with "Printer Driver Setup error. The operation could not be completed.
OK is the only option and we are back to square one.
I've tried copying the entire driver to the c:\ndps\drvr-tmp folder but
although this stops the 'I can' find 'filename' box from appearing, the
error at the end still occurs the same way.

Variants of this occur with some other printers, sometimes clicking ok after
the second dialog (which says the right driver isn't there) will bring up a
search box and you can browse to where the drivers are located and it
installs, others will install the driver - correctly, despite having
initially said the driver was not there or was wrong. Once the driver is
installed, the printers work fine (except for notify, which doesn't seem to
work at all) no idea why so some clues on that would be good.

This one seems to be stuck, I can't install the driver manually because it
won't install the printer to start with and the install errors out (no
useful error message - 'operation could not be completed' is about as useful
as 'general failure'.

I am getting essentially the same effect for a HP P2105N printer we have
installed - can't seem to get the driver to install - same problem, asks for
a file, you point it to it, it goes through and seems to install them then
errors out in exactly the same manner.

I'm open to any suggestions.

All iprint/ndps is being hosted on one OES/NW65SP7 server.

The latest issue is a show stopper as I cannot install the printers at all
so there is some urgency.



Geoff Roberts
Computer Systems Manager
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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