I had been seeing this girl for a while.. she's got a really great kid,
he and I hit it off very well, and we all grew closer as a group and
things seemed to be going well. But then one day she said to me... you
know it's great that you and I are friends and it seems like love but
really I have a guy that thinks I'm swell and cares about my kid...

So we split up over e-mail, and I my work was falling to pieces.. I was
holding on to one last client and finally the big payday came through
and all I could think about was her.

So I sent her an e-mail saying how I had this really great night, but it
didn't mean anything.. it was missing something, and that something was
her.. and that she completes me...

And she e-mailed back.. Shut up.. just shut up.... you had me at EHLO