I saw this thread:


And I'm wondering if anyone would like to expand on this. We have the same setup; classic Novell clients mapping various drives - everyone gets a home directory, a departmental shared drive, and then some cross-departmental drives depending on group memberships.

We are looking at iFolder only because there is no Novell client for Macintosh OSx Leopard. Prosoft does not work and there's no indication that it ever will. We are a small IT group, and therefore do not want to manage the simple password setup requires to do an IP AFP setup to help out our Macintosh user base. We want everyone to use classic NDS with our password policies.

So - back to iFolder. How would I set it up so that a department (for example) switches over from Novell client to iFolder client, and can still access all resources (home directory, shared drive, cross-departmental shares) that they currently access? Is it even remotely possible? Does iFolder read the same rights that are assigned via NDS for groups?

Thank you!