I have severals NW DHCP servers on the tree.
I want to migrate one of them to OES 2 Linux.
I use the Yast Wizard to do it.
The wizard tell me that the migration is successfull.
The problem is that this is not true. It does not create the dhcpLocator
object neither the DHCPGroup.
In y2log I get message like :

srv-oes01(17462) [bash] ShellCommand.cc(shellcommand):78 ldap_modify: No
such object


srv-oes0101(12893) [bash] ShellCommand.cc(shellcommand):78
ldap_add_ext_s: No such attribute cn=DHCP_srv-oes01,ou=servers,ou,o=org

Questions :

Can I use the existing DNS-DHCP object that act as the locator object for
NW Servers?
Can I use the existing DNSDHCP-GROUP objects using by existing NW Servers?
Why my migration fails?