I'm pondering reasons to use OES2 Linux for anything at this point that
would make sense. I'm not saying that to be mean to it, it's just that
my netware servers do what they do just fine and it seems a lot of
hassle and potential for problems to change them out just for the sake
of changing them.

That being said, I may have an application where it would make sense.
We have a doc management system that runs on windows. It will not allow
me to say map netware drives and put the doc management volumes on
there, which means I have to get more arrays just for that system. I
had a though of making netware an iscsi server and doing something along
those lines to bring a volume over to the windows server that way, but I
hear iscsi on netware leaves a lot to be desired. If it's very stable
and performs decently on linux, I can see that being a great reason for
me to switch a netware server over as I'd have to buy seperate
servers/storage in multiple locations otherwise for this purpose.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Also I currently run the netware
boxes with sys on the internal drives and the data volumes on an
external array. I'm not looking forward to migrating terrabytes of data
if I make this change, so the question is, can one simply physically
move the array to a new OES2 Linux box and have it work as NSS is
supported there?