(L)PaperweightCNE declared to a (L)user that I could fix the LCD display that was damaged. Ugly vertical and horizonal line.

I get called and I say yes... it's possible if it's the same part. I have a couple of bad laptops that I use for parts.

The person brings the laptop down. I take one look. Same mfr. Same series but not the same model.

Spoo... I can't fix it.

(L)user gets a tad upset that (L)PaperweightCNE had flatly stated I could fix it.

Duh.. I can, but I need the right part. I have to pop the top and show the (L)user the differences between the two LCD panels. They go away not angry or upset with me and they promise to take to task a certain (L)PaperweightCNE for leaping before they look.

I've fixed two laptops today (broken keyboard and CPU fan). Keyboard was easy to spot as broken, but the fan was a bit of a challenge. All in all not too bad a day considering the amount of codeine I've had to take.