Well actually WE need some help.

I am part of the bongo project http://www.bongo-project.org

and part of our investigation into email is to determine a few things
about ISP's that will help us formulate our program.

as this is a very diverse group of people I thought it best to ask here
as we need as broad a test case base as we can get.

So please would you mind answering these few questions and then email
them to lhaig at haigmail dot com.


1. What Country Are you in?
2. Does your ISP restrict all SMTP traffic and force you to use a relay
3. Does your ISP have SMTP Auth on this relay server?
4. Does your ISP require TLS on this relay server?
5. Does your ISP rewrite outgoing mail messages for the sender from your
domain to a specified domain?
6. What other SMTP restrictions or issues do you have with your ISP?
7. have you checked out the bongo project website yet?