Everything seemed to be going as planned.
On NW server, updated from GW 6.5.6 to 7.0.2 (eval)
Installed NOWS SBE (initial release) and added GW.
Installed ncpfs (via YaST) on SBE
Installed dbcopy (via rpm) on SBE
Installed ncpmnt.sh (via rpm) on SBE and used it to mount the (NW) data volume containing the domain and PO
Stopped all GW agents running on SBE and NW
Used dbcopy to migrate the domain
Went into C1 to update settings for the MTA - could not access properties
I don't know when I lost it. I couldn't get it back. dsrepair didn't fix it. Attempts to connect went nowhere - no dialog box came up so that I could point to the correct folder. Most GW utilities were grayed out (couldn't graft). Tried recreating the system but that hung when pointing to the software directory.

Would having a backup of NDS have saved me? Did I do something wrong in the sequence of moves? Any other insights?

Fortunately, this is a practice enviro using VM Player. So I'm starting over.