When any user logs into NetStorage, I get several failed login attempts by
Admin on the server if I check the Health via NRM.

I noticed today while checking iManager that there is a screen to see active
sessions. When I had a user logged into the system, I noticed that it
showed her being logged in and active, but it also showed Admin logging in
at the exact same time.

Does Admin "ghost" login every time a user logs in? If so, where and when
is that happening. I think the failed login attempts are due to a changed
Admin password but I don't know where to check or change it for NetStorage.
If we start using NetStorage more, my health status will go critical (red)
with that many failed login attempts.

However now if I try Current Sessions I get "Data not available" for some
reason, it was there this morning ;)

Anyone experience this or have any clue where I can start trying to solve
this problem?

Mike Snyder