Hello guys,

i would like to share my issue with you.
It's been a month that i've been trying to solve it with the help of
Novell Support without any success. The case is still open.

I have a ZCM 10.0.2 server running on Windows 2003 SP1.
Everything is working fine except bundles that have been migrated from
ZENworks 6.5 (running on OES NW).

I used the ZENworks Migration Tool to migrate all applications
(around 200) and user associations. But when i log in to ZCC and i clic on
an LDAP user to see the "Relationship" tab, i can see that most
associated bundles are in an "Unknown" status. All those "Unknown"
applications are not visible by the ZCM Agent on workstations. Those
applications have however been migrated without any error.

If i create the bundle object manually from ZCC then i do the association
manually, everything works fine, as long as i don't use the ZENworks
Migration Tool. If i start using ZENworks Migration Tool, my manually
created applications stop appearing in NAL Window.

If i migrate ZDM 6.5 application to a bundle object without
associations, i am forced to associate it once with the workstation object
before associating it to user object. Otherwise it doesn't appear in NAL.

I would like to know if some of you ran into the same issue using ZENworks
Migration Tool to migrate Bundles AND Associations ?

Thank you for your feedback.