Our iFolder system doesn't delete files when users do and I believe that
was a setting when it was originally setup. It's looking like it may
come in handy...maybe.

We have a user that deleted a bunch of files out of her My Documents
folder which has been setup in iFolder. The files still appear in the
iFolder data store. If I look at her iFolder account on the web, it
shows the same as her client. So the files still exist on the server as
they don't appear to have been deleted.

I'm guessing that somewhere in the iFolder database the delete flag has
been set for these files for that user. Question is, how does one get
these files "un-deleted" so they can re-appear/re-sync back to her computer?

I can manually copy the files from her iFolder data store and email them
to her so she can put them back on her computer. I would imagine that
they will re-sync back to the server. I would also imagine that this
would cause them to be on the server twice (unless I delete them from
the original data store).

How would be the best way to go about this?