I am trying to install OES2 through SLES10SP1 on a new Intel motherboard and cpu combination. Working with the "Lab Guide for OES2". Using the 64 bit version; I get through the first few steps including adding the CD1 as an add-on disk. As soon as I select ANY of the OES2 items during install I get a blue screen with the red box in the middle saying "an error has occurred..." If I just install SLES10SP1 with Xen I can set that up with no problem. I can also setup virtualized Netware on top of Xen and that come up with no problem.

First was working with an Adaptec hardware RAID5 setup that SLES10 recognizes but when I had this problem I plugged a standard 40GB drive on a SATA port and tried that - got the same result - and this was with the RAID5 controller out of the system.

The motherboard is an Intel D975XBX2 and the CPU is a new Core2 Quad processor - don't have the number.

Guys and Gals H E L P please

Thank you