So I decided I really missed Novell Community Chat. I've been a bad poster child irregular. While looking for support on other Novell items, I started reading and posting again from forums.novell.com since it appeared to be a usable, web based news reader. It's convenient because I bounce around all day long between three to five workstations on all kinds of operating systems. While it isn't bad for the occasional post, or for general forum trolling - it's as my Texas friend would say, "This side of useless." for keeping track of my Chat posts. I can't find anything I've posted, and my memory is hideous. Carp-o-la.

So I'm in the market for a news reader again for both windows and Linux. This used to be a question you didn't want to ask in here - but there it is, I've already done it. Is lookout explodes the best choice? Thunder-chicken? VA still around? Your opinion matters!