We have installed 10.0.1 on a SLES 10 to start testing (we use Zen Desktop
Mgmt 7 now). Things seemed to go well and we have assigned applications to
workstations just fine but are having problem with user assignments.

We configured a user source to point to an eDirectory ldap server and added
a single context as a user container. No problem - we can browse the users
in Zen 10 - seems to work.

Issue comes when we assign a bundle to a user. The assignment does not seem
to get created quite right. When looking at the Relationships tab of the
bundle, I see the user listed under "User Assignments" as expected BUT if I
look at the Relationships tab of the user, nothing is shown under "Assigned
Bundles" and in fact it does not show up in the launcher window for that
user. Tried a couple of user/bundle combinations all with the same effect.

Ideas? Either I am missing something silly or something is not quite right
software-wise or config-wise.

Tony Wyland
Messiah College