Hi all.

This is not strictly iPrint-issue but I guess that someone here has been
struggling with this same problem.

So, the problem: After upgrading from NW65SP5 to NW65SP7 non-logged in
iPrint users can no longer print to the iPrint printers, and problem
seems to be that Pcounter (new 5.26c) can't see or modify user balance
attribute anymore, event that "MAC/Cross Platform/LPD options" have been
set to search matching username from NDS.

Pcounter server screen says (valid_user_name)@(machine mac-address) (1
pages) not enough print credit! Job deleted.

If I change "print job anyway" it says
Error -601 writing username@mac-address balance:
and prints the job.

That means that it does find matching NDS username, but can't write or
read its balance.

I have checked and re-checked that print servers and ndps-manager have
all necessary rights to user objects to edit print balance. I'm running
out of clues what to do.

If anybody here has any clues where to look what's wrong I would be very

Timo Pietil