Any help or input would be great! and jokes for that matter...

Ok, we are a small’ish (140 desktops & 9 servers) business. We are a
homebuilder/property management company in the process of designing a
new office space. My boss (IS Manager) has been given the task of
figuring out what our “foot print” in the new building will be.


1. Build a kick butt server room, with all the bells and whistles
2. Build a not so kick butt server room, and use a CoLo for DR
3. Build a sorry @$$ server room and put almost everything at the CoLo

I have been hearing a lot about the VM stuff and would like to know a
little more about it.

Who are the top VM software vendors and/or the better ones? What type
of server do better in a VM setup...what about SQL?

Also, we need a file server. I am thinking a NAS looks good. They don’t
cost a great deal and seems to do all the things I want, but what is
the down side.

As always, your input is much appreciated. Thanks!

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