I need some assistance with the zmgexplorer.msi install. I am using a Vista
32 Ultimate PC. I go to the zenworks-setup link and under the image tools
click on the zmgexplorer.msi. If i click on open, I get an error saying it
cant read from my temporary internet files folder. If I click save and save
to desktop, and open there, it looks like it's installing but when I go to
look for a path, nothings there. If I do the same thing in WinXP, it
creates a folder under the root of C:\ called Novell\Zenworks with a bin and
lib folder and files under all that. I have the Cool Solutions article
where you can use the guys batch file and as long as you have your java and
the batch filea nd your zen imaging folder correct, launching the batch file
makes it work. But I cant get that far, because on my Vista box, it never
creates this folder. Any help is appreciated. This is a freshly reimaged
Dell XPS1730 with Vista Ultimate 32 done from the original Dell partition.
Thanks for any help.


Matthew Pierce
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