NW 6.5 + MsOffice 2007 problems :/
I have Novell Netware 6.5 with sp7.
Novell Client for Windows 4.91 SP2
Novell Client for Windows Vista 1.0 + patch 4

Im using in my network Miscrosoft Office 97, XP, 2003 and 2007.
Problems start when we install some stations with MsOffice 2007.

Problmes what i notice:
1. Cannot find file (Windows XP and lower).
a) When file was opened with MsOffice 2003 and lower, station with 2007 cant find that file.
b) when file was opened with MsOffice 2007 stationds with lower versions can open file and get message about other users and read only mode (normal behavior).

2.Operating system stops reposnding/ responding very slow(Vista + WIndowsXP and lower).
a) when file was opened by MsOffice 2007 on Windows Vista other computers stops reposnding/responding very slow and getting messages on server console:
"2008.03.11 9:42:14 : COMN-3.26-592
Severity = 5 Locus = 11 Class = 13
Station 202 (task 17) timed out waiting for an op-lock on file bla.xls held by station 188."
Its repiting util close file on vista system.

3. Vista is able open all files.
a) Vista opening files, before openned by any version of office but without any information about other user or read only mode. When i try save shered document i get message "File not save", when other ppl leave this file i able to save but i overwrite other changes.

For situation 1 nad 2 helps adding to file attrib transactional. Is there automatic method to add this attribute to all old documents and every new one?

For problem 3 i havent any ideas ... sorry i have one migration do Windows server, because work with netware become harder and harder ...

thx for any help