Is it possible to share the same iFolder account on many windows users
on the same machine ?

I have a folder that contains all our projects and I'm moving to
workstations that aren't bound to a specific person.
That is, the same workstation can have 3 usernames loggin in to windows.
If I now have installed iFolder for one user and it syncs well to the
server, the other users can view and change the folders and files as it
should, BUT I cannot get the iFolder to login for the other users.
I know this is how it was intended to be in the first place, but is
there a workaround?

iFolder 2.x on NW6.5

I know iFolder 3.x would be a solution but as for now the SBS OES1
isn't an option. I'm waiting for OES2.



Southern Finland
Netware 6.5 sp7
GW 7.x