Client32 v4.91SP4 + almost all latest updates, workstations
win2000/XP/2003. Network is Nw4.11, 5.1 and 6.5 servers, so we have
set IP + IPX on workstations and on 5.1/6.5 servers, too.

Problem: some workstations fully ignore setting 'Preferred Network
Protocol = IP' and connect to NW6.5 servers with IPX only. I may to
force IP connection from this workstation by choosing FQDN or
IP-address for NW6.5 servers in command, like this:

net use x: \\server.domain.com\data

But use of short name for servers always leads to connection on IPX
for this problem worksations.

Why setting 'Preferred Network Protocol = IP' is ignored? It occurs
not at all workstation but only on a few including my main admin
computer (client and settings exactly same for 'good' and 'bad'

Sergei Dubrov