We have an environment where all of our users have been on public IP's.
spread over 42 buildings on campus, and have been managing them through
ZFD4.01. We have 1gb fiber between buildings, and 100mb and some 10mb
connections to 900 pc's, and 300 printers. one of our building is going to
be switching to private IP's due to PCI-DSS security regulations. (80 pc's
25 printers, 100 users, 1 NW server and multiple Win servers) ... Our IT
department is not located in this building... Any suggestions on remote
management of these users and devices? We will be able to put the ZEN server
in the DMZ, but workstations are in the 10.x.x.x range... Were open to Zen7,
ZCM, Border Manager, or any combinations...
If there's a better forum I'll gladly repost there if need be..
Information Services, MSU