Awhile back we had these issues we worked with Novell to resolved. Our problem came from renaming the manager during a migration. All our PA's lost the manager and printer agent attributes. Deleting the PA's and recreating them with the Pagen tool solved these issues. Now all our old PA's have the printer attribute and are serviceable via Imanager. However when we create or try to create an new PA we have the problem in the TID 3555025 (Attribute could not be found: Printer Agent Name). I have contaced Patch feedback for the new Iprint plugin that creates the PA in onestep. I followed all the steps in TID 3424524 to remove the old iprint plugin and install the new plugin. Now we can't even create the PA. I get a process failed error. It will create an object that is not bound. This is because it never reaches the point to enter in the IP info when creating the PA. So I removed the new plugin and installed the older one. At least we can create PA's with the old plugin, but not manage them. We have tried two different versions on Imanager (2.6 and 2.7) to create PA's with no success. We have used PAGEN and the manager to create PA's with no luck as well. In each case it will create the object, but all the attributes are missing. From what I can tell synchronization in Edir seems to be ok. Synchronization takes about 30-45 min in the replica ring. We are pretty much at a loss of what to try next. Anyone have any thoughts out there?