Upgrading a VMware virtual Linux-based OES to OES 2


Just the other day I tried to upgrade one of our Linux-based OES fileservers to OES 2. The upgrade process seemed to go smooth until i decided to install all available patches and do a reboot. After the reboot the system refused to mount my NSS volume (error 32). Nssmu didn't even show any NSS-volume anymore. All I was left with in partitioner was a /dev/sdb1 and a weird /dev/sdb1.1. Partitioner told me /dev/sdb1 was a Traditional Netware filesystem. EVMSN couldn't help me out here neither.

I didn't have time to investigate the problem very long so in the end I decided to do a revert back to OES which was kind of sad.

Any ideas of what could have went wrong?