My mirror drive failed and took down the server 6 with sp 5. after I removed the physical drive I was able to restart the server. I installed a new drive and used nssmu to remove the failed drive under raid devices. I remirrored the drive and it worked for 24 hours and the server shut down the new mirror drive stating it was a device issue. I removed the drive and restarted all was well. I got another HD and installed it and it was shut down for the same reason during the remirroring process. I took the primary drive and installed in in the second drives location and it booted fine. So it does not seem to be a box issue. The second new drive is the same make and model as the primary drive. what I have noticed is that raid devices lets me remove the failed drive but on another sreeen in nssmu it still shows as raid 1 remirroring and that it is 100% sync. which is not true.

Will partfix solve this issue?? I have replaced failed drives before and not had this issue.