We will be migrating soon to a new server and OS upgrade very soon.

Currently we are on a Proliant 1600 with SBS 5.1 which we will be migrating

I have a brand new Proliant ML 350 G5 in house and I am researching the OS
to purchase.

So....here is my question. What are the differences between:

Novell Open Workgroup Suite
Novell Open Workgroup Suite SBS
Open Enterprise Server

I haven't found a good comparison online yet.

Also, will I need to find another AV and backup solution since I will be
moving to Linux? I'm currently using SAV CE 10.x and Veritas Backup Exec
9.2 I'm assuming that's a yes. I'm confused as to what is considered a
Novell service that will run on Linux as opposed to a non-compatible