This used to work! Last April I created a driver profile for a Xerox color copier. November last year, we had two power failures the same day - and yes the UPS failed both times! I had to reinstall iManager.

Since then I was going to modify the profile and get: Error message: The operation completed Successfully. Error group: Windows and Error Code: 0. After getting thru that, it says an error occurred configuring driver.

I have created a new Broker, Manager and printer, but still get the same error. Wednesday I created a printer for an HP 1320N, and that worked just fine. Creating the printer that is. Tried to create a NEW profile and get the same error messages. It does not matter whether I'm trying to edit a profile or create a new one, always the same results.

Netware 6.5 sp6, iManager 2.6 with all the latest patches running from a Windows XP sp2 workstation (fully patched) Novell client 4.91 sp4.

Thought and / or ideas? I'm only at the school once a week and it would be nice to go back with a solution or at least something else to try. Thanks //Bill