I selected Ifolder 3.6 together with the OES2 installation. Half way through the installation, I got the messages said, "failed to configure ifolder server". Apart from this error, all setup and installation went smoothly.

By the way, I have given full rights to wwwrun user to the NSS volume, and wwwrun is also a member LUM user. I used Nss volume for data storage only, But I am trying to install ifolder into Raiser file system volume.

Then, I was unable to login to ifolder, it said "Your session has been closed, please log in". Any Idea.

Or I do I reconfigure the Ifolder server without reinstallation., I can't find any icon in the Yast to reconfigure the ifolder. I was also trying to remove the ifolder and reinstall. The system will remove the edirectory and other dependency if I select to remove ifolder. Can you please tell me how do I remove and reinstall ifolder or even reconfigure Ifolder.

Many thanks