I want to migrate a Netware 6.5 SP6 server from a
HP server to VMWare (ESX-Server 3.0).

Therefore I created an image on the HP server using
Portlock 3.36.

After the restore of this image on the ESX server
the start of the netware server fails.

- with Portlock I checked all new created volumes => no errors

- I started the netware server on the ESX server with the command:
"server -ns -na -nl" and the server hangs again
while executing the line
"Checking local drives..............[Verified OK]"
The letters "Verified OK" are yellow (not green).

Normally (on a server without errors) the message is
*not* ...[Verified OK] in yellow letters
*but* ...[Assumed OK] in green letters.

- I made a fresh install of NW 6.5 SP7 on the ESX server
and the Netware server starts without errors

- if I restore this Portlock image on another hardware
(not on a VMWare server), everything is ok

Any ideas to solve my problem?