I just made an interesting discovery.

I cloned an existing VM and moved it to another physical machine. This
machine was initially installed without LUM and as long as LUM was not
configured and only local authentication took place everything (NCL,
Micasa and integrated login) worked as documented.

After configuring LUM authentication, the following does not work:
Micasa (it does only work as long as the machine is up, after a restart
you have to enter passwords for all micasa enabled applications if you
use them for the first time during uptime)

NCL does not save the settings for scripts, they are always disabled by
default after the machine has come up. The settings for scripts do work
for all subsequent logins, just not for the first after booting the

The same behaviour is shown by another machine, which has LUM
configured for authentication.

Machines do not show this behaviour if using a local only user or if
LUM authentication is removed.

W. Prindl