Hi Everyone

here's the problem, i have a Intel 5000PSL server with Mega SAS raid installed.
the driver loads fine and i have added 2 arrays, 2 volumes

to produce the problem i setup 2 computers both connected to a single switch on 100Mbit ports, then connected the server to the 1Gbit port. when i copy a file from the server ( say 1Gbyte in size) to the local drive and then start a copy of a file to the server on the other pc(Write), the first PC's read drops to 0mbit while the 2nd PC happily writes at normal speed. when the writing to the server is finished the read then recovers and continues.

i found this very strange and normally there are over 200PC's connected to this network, ive tried various switches so its not those, i can also reproduce this problem using the two ports on the server each connected to a pc , one reading and the other writing

i can read data with as many PC's as i want and all is fine
ive updated both the mega sas and ethernet drivers.
This is a Netware 6.5 SP7 Server version 5.70.07

where to go from here?
any help appreciated