Hello all,

Yesterday out of the blue I started having my users call me and say that Adobe Reader (ver 8.0.0) was hanging when they tried to print PDFs. I looked into it and they are in fact having an issue. It still prints but take a long time. Started playing around with it and here is what I found.

1) PDFs are taking 25 to 45 sec to spool after you say print to an iPrinter.

2) Word, Excel and PowerPoint print fine to the same iPrinter.
3) Problem exists on more than one iPrinter and machine.
4) PDFs print fine if I IP print to the printers.
5) All are running the same version of Reader (8.0.0)

Now here is the interesting part:
1) I deleted the iPrint printer from the machine, reboot and let it reinstall. Same problem as above.
2) I delete the iPrint printer from the machine and then add it back by going to "Add Printer", NDPS, Controlled access, <My container> then select the printer I wish to install. I do a test print and the printer prints fast again…

My question is what is the difference in install that would cause this to be fixed?