I would like to migrate Directory Services from NW6.5 to OES2. Our
original Environment was 3 NW6.5 servers with DS I added an
OES2 server and made it a read replica and removed the replica off of
one of the NW6.5 servers, I then added a second OES2 server and removed
a read replica from an additional NW6.5 server. Now I was going to add
a 3rd OES 2 server and initially make it a read replica as well and then
eventually make it the Master replica. Problem is it says that I cannot
add more than 3 servers to the directory without installing and
configuring SLP. My remaining NW 6.5 server is running 3 SLP nlms and
they are sldda.nlm, slptcp.nlm, slp.nlm all are 2.13. My OES 2 servers
show under yast that slpd is running but the slp.conf file is still set
with the defaults and I have not configured any of this.

I would like to add my last OES2 server to the directory but not sure
how to go about this. Do I need to install SLP on this server first and
then add it to the directory? Does it need to be a DA if I plan to
eventually bring down my NW6.5 box? What will happen on my network when
I turn on SLP and make this a DA? Is this something I need to do after
hours? I am also unclear if I can set this up without using multicasting?