My iprint server (NW65 sp7) has been abending repeatedly since last week with the following error. "CPU encountered a problem executing code in libc.nlm, the problem may be in that module or in data passed to that module by a process owened by Apache2.nlm" I opened a case with Novell, and we basically blew away all my printer objects and recreated them. The problem is still happening however. I discovered that the server will abend immediately as soon as I try to install a printer from the self service web page when using OSX 10.5.2 & Safari 3.1 (released last week). Installing the same printer with OSX 10.5.2 & Safari 3.0.4 works successfully. Also IE7 and OSX 10.4 & Safari 3.0.4 works successfully. It looks like there might be a bug with the interaction between Safari 3.1 and iPrint which causes Apache to crash the server. Anyone have any thoughts?
Thanks, Nathan