Okay, so I would term this an "in-place upgrade", but since I'll be shot
for those words, I'll call it a more accurate "same-server" upgrade.


SERVER1 - Existing NW 6.5.x server with NSS partitions/volumes. Server
has free disk space (meaning unpartitioned drive space).

Can I simply use that same physical server and upgrade to OES?

I've done it in the test lab and it seems to work fine.

I installed SLES 10 onto the free space, and then slap on the OES2 add-

Boot the server to SLES 10

Then mount the NON-SYS NSS volumes.

Seemed to work fine.

But maybe something really evil is happening in the backgroun and I'm
not aware of it?

Ideally I'd like to keep the same IP and server name, so I did that too
and it seemed okay (I did that "I see an existing server name in eDir,
you want me to replace/update" thing).

Now before I get pounced on for why don't I use the migration utility,
let's just say that when you have 200+ GB of data, migration across the
wire (even at gigabit) is not really an option.