Having a few problems with Policies. Here is the setup:

2 SLES servers with ZCM on and patched up to 10.0.2. 1 SLES server with Sybase on.
Windows Vista workstations.
eDirectory user source.
3 Different types of user folders created in Policies. Staff, Students and CSU. All 3 have DLU policies with the Students been Volitile users. All three have different Windows Group Policies applied to give different restrictions for each type of user. So in each Users folder ie Staff you have DLU Policy, Windows Group Policy and a Policy Group which has the 2 Policies in and the relevent users assigned.

Now the problem im having is this, just using the Staff accounts i assign the DLU policy to the Policy Group and login to the workstation fine. I do the Same in the Student and the CSU folders and each user type can login to the workstation with the Student account been removed on log out.

Now i then assign the Windows Group policy to the Policy group in the Staff folder and try and login, it works the first time, applies the poilcy and restricts everything needed. Log out and log back in with the same account and everything is fine. Now if i assign a different Windows Group Policy to the Policy group in the Student folder and login its fine the first time but then you log out and try to log in again with the same user and you get the Zen login. Which you cant login to, it gives the usual error with lots of different reasons why you cant get in. So hit Esc and it logs into the workstation but not ZEN. Log out and try and log in with the Staff account and you get the same thing.

Unistalled the ZEN client on the workstation and reinstalled it and you still get the ZEN login when you try and login. But when you are loged in you can right click the ZEN agent and this now lets you login.

Is this a problem with having different types of users with different Windows Group Policies assigned or is it something to do with new Policies coming down to the agent and it having a problem and then not working?

Please help sorry if this doesnt make to much sense.