I can post a whole abend log here if necessary but wanted to just inquire
about an abend scenario that we can duplicate whenever we want.

Has anyone ever experienced a single server abend when the main GroupWise
domain box is shut down?

Take this scenario right here in its simplest form:

3 servers;

Server1=1 domain hosted
Server2=1 post office hosted (for site A)
Server3=1 post office hosted (for site B)

If I restart the domain server, Server 2 will (normally within 1-2 seconds)
crash 1-2 times. The abend is:

Page Fault Processor Exception 00000002 in SERVER.NLM
Server 3 will not crash when the domain server is restarted.

I'm not sure if it has something to do with a file access issue or
what...if we run BackupExec (9.2.x) against the domain and PO, it will
normally crash the server as well (in the same fashion, though instead of
only crashing the Server2, it will normally crash Server1 as well. Server3
behaves the best and is the worst one from a hardware standpoint.

All servers run NW6.5.7 (no post7 patches - yet) and GroupWise 7.0.3. I
*just* patched them to 3 today, so I haven't run a backup, but restarting
Server1 still yields the same results.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Thanks :)