Howdy folks,

I'm having a problem with op-locks and was wondering if anybody out there has some ideas. The server is Netware 6.5 SP7, and is running Groupwise and Arcserve as well as performing regular file and print services. The client workstations are all running Windows XP SP2, and Netware client 4.91SP4.

We have had oplock issues on and off ever since the server was installed in Dec 2006. The error format we get is as follows:

Station ## (Task #) timed out waiting for an op-lock on file ######.### held by station ##

The station numbers and files names that are are locked are different each time.

This server is running at a Law firm, and there are several applications that require shared access to files. We have tried turning file caching off at the workstation without any change. We also tried turning off level 2 oportunistic locking on the server (with BAD results). The op-locks cause applications to hang and have caused database corruption.

Any help that you folks could give would be greatly appreciated!