I create a new 'Action -Launch Windows Executable'
Browse to the exe and select it.

this is the string it returns for the Command:

\\server\apps\ZENWorks\SBD\ProcessSuite\KG Tower\installersbd.exe

now when you launch this application on the workstation, it reports an invalid path

\\server\apps\ZENWorks\SBD\ProcessSuite\KG Tower\installersbd.exe
^ right where the space is

so, I thought, double quotes " , no illegal character, single quote ' nope.

so, RTFM

page 132 of "Zenworks 10 Configuration Management Software Distribution Reference", "E.18 Action - Launch Windows Executable"

no mention of anything when dealing with paths with spaces in them.

The fact that the browse button doesn't encapsulate the path so that the zen agent can use it correctly is a out right screw up, did any one test this product before it went to market ?

Now I have pressure building on me to get all our applications cut over to the new Zen environment, I'm finding that I have to advise management that ZCM 10 isn't up to the task and we may have to cut back to an early version to support our business needs.

can I just say, so far, This is the most disappointing release I have ever dealt with from Novell in my 18 years in IT.