Hey guys having some issues with OS X 10.5.2 and the Iprint client 4.2.7 in both Firefox and Safari. I have seen some threads on the Novell forums of this setup working and others not. I was looking for some insight from some that might have the same setup.

FYI - We are running NetWare 6.5 SP7

In my findings with an OS X 10.5.2 client, inserting http://yourserver.com/ipp into Firefox/Safari browser, will bring up the IPrint webpage with the various printers that can be installed (as it should). But when you actually click on a printer to install it, Firefox/Safari beachballs and must be force quit. Now this method does work perfectly in 10.4.x. for printer installation.

I have seen sources on the web stating that the SP8 patch for Novell will incorporate a new Mac IPrint driver, but what are you guys doing now? Has anyone seen the issue I am experiencing.

Thanks in advance for any insight.