I have been discussing this under the iManager topic, but perhaps this is a better place ...

iManager on our NOWS is seriously broken. I do have Tomcat4 running and GrwoupWise Webaccess, GroupWise Monitor, are working in both non-SSL and SSL mode. I can't, however, get iManager to work.

Using the SBE web based admin interface, I can add/remove applications but I found that the interface does not actually add/remove applications. For example, I have removed iFolder3, but I am still connected to iFolder on the server via the client and I can still log in via a web browser.

Likewise, removing iManager seems to shutdown Tomcat4 but does not actually remove iManager files. And if I manually remove the files (by moving them) it does not reinstall the files.

So my question would be, how can I do a clean re-install of iManager on NOWS SBE?

Thank you.