I am currently building a "mobile workstation" for our users through a
wwan connection.

Since we don't want the clients to be "online" as soon as they boot up
users first login locally and then starts the wwan connection which
demands a pin-code before connecting.

The user can then opt to either "surf" through our internal network or
connect to internal citrix servers. We have opted to not do a proper
Novell-login since the wwan connection is not stable/fast enough anyway.

The problem is that when there are iPrint printers installed on the
workstation iPrint keeps trying to authenticate and when it fails shows
the authentication dialog once for each installed printer.

To solve this I disable the windows print spooler when users login
locally. This is not a good solution since users want to print to
locally attached printers and "special" printers like pdf-printers and such.

Is there anyway to disable the iPrint-agent but keep the print spooler