Hi, I have a NW65SP7 server running with a single quad core processor, and
8GB of RAM.

If I go into NRM and choose "Profiling and Debug Information", and click on
"Execution Profiling by NLM", the list is empty? I was guessing this would
show me which threads or processes are using which CPU's. I can see in the
health monitor and then clicking on each of the 4 CPU's that they are all
being used, but I was curious what NLM's are using which and perhaps an
average usage stat. Is there a simple way to accomplish this?

Also if I go to "View Memory Config" I see:
Physical Server Memory
Memory Usage Actual Peak
NLM Memory 1,415,643,136 1,776,570,368
File System Cache 977,264,640 1,779,400,704
Extended File System Memory 4,076,863,488 4,076,863,488
Virtual Memory System 257,884,160 267,771,904
Extended Virtual Memory System 501,108,736 545,112,064
Free Memory 829,267,968 476,483,584*
DOS, Video, Misc. Memory 4,288,512 4,288,512
Extended Server Memory In Use 4,609,540,096 4,630,511,616
Total System Memory 8,584,622,080 N/A

The "extended memory" is the RAM above the 4GB limit, correct? How do I
find out how this is being used? If I click on the hyperlink for "Extended
Server Memory In Use" I get a nice pie chart showing 90% in use, but no
details of any kind.

I'm running GW MTA / POA / Web Access / GWIA / GWAVA, backup, file, print,