Have a customer working Vista Business 64.
Having problems with BSOD, saving files on network drives.

I had the same issue half a year ago on my Vista machine, and I saw
that the "Update 3" should solve this issues, and it did.

Now I installed Update 4 on thhe customers machine, but it did not
help. Looked in the forums and saw the post about setting file caching
to off in the client. I'll try that.

Now I'm a bit curious if the patch is installed.
When looking in properties it just says 1.0
Looking in the readme for update 4 they state the files and dates.
If I for example look under C:\Novell\Novell Client for Windows Vista
1.0\i386\XTier and on the nccache.sys it says 2007-08-14, but in the
readme it should be 2007-11-14.
Is the files not installed correctly???

I've reinstalled the patch, but the files are the same.
The most interessting thing is that it is the same on my mchine if i
look... And there the problem seems to be gone...

So, how to now the version on the client?
Any ideas?