I have a new server (DELL PowerEdge 2900) on which I am trying to install OES2 with NSS.
Initially I got these up and running, set up NSS through iManager, added some volumes and users; but then restarted the server. On restart, I got a partition error on the system drive so it would not boot. I started the RAID controller config (BIOS) to have a look. It stated that the system drive now had a "Foreign Config" in the RAID controller - very odd.
I re-initialised the system drive (low level format) leaving the drive with NSS as it didn't seem to have a problem; and it would be a good test for remounting NSS if the system ever crashed.

I then went through the whole SLES10 and OES2 install again, but selected Web Server to be installed as well. When I tried to connect to the IP address of the server, I got a holder webpage saying "It Works". Eventually I found where the login for iManager was and tried to login with admin, password and Tree name.

This was met with an error "(Error -626) The object could not be found. It is possible that the object exists, but the server could not communicate with the server holding a copy of the object."

Third Time - reinstalled (reformatted the system drive partitions only) with NSS and dependencies and only added iManager.
Deleted the sdb1 partition containing NSS but did not re-initialise the physical drive.

iManager gave the same error.
Attempting to run nssmu from the console gave an error that the Admin volume could not be found.

I then went into the RAID controller BIOS setup and re-initialised the data drive just in case there was anything on it before that was interfering.
Did the OES Configuration thing and just selected reconfigure for each item.
Tried iManager - no go - could not even get the login page to come up.
Ran nssmu from the terminal and it ran no worries. Set up NSS pools and volumes on the storage drive(s). Still couldn't get the webserver to serve the iManager pages (I did check the firewall for open ports).. rebooted etc. Did the yast OES install and configure thing again... reconfigured all... no difference to iManager but then couldn't access the NSS via nssmu either.

Now doing a low level format of both System and Data drives and reinstalling.

From my experiences here I can only conclude that there may be some information stored outside the partitions that conflicts with a new install of the system. I am concerned that even with the data backed up, we may not be able to recover it in the event of a failure.

As far as setup goes - this would be a single server with about 20 users (max), so I have left SLP disabled.

I do not expect to have to do a lot of tweaking from the command prompt to get this server to run; particularly as it is touted as being a competitor to windows.

Can anyone offer any advice (other than ditch the lot and install Windows)?
Hopefully it will work after this install.