I am using Client32 V4.91 SP2 on an WinXP notebook. I am setting up a new Netware 5.1 server on new hardware to get better performance. The servers are not on the same network so they are not conflicting. I created the new server by using an image from the old server and correcting the NIC and disk drive drivers. The new server has the same name, IP and Server ID as the old one.

When I connect a client using Client32 that was on the original network to the new network with the new server and try and login the client will not see the ROOT. If I use a client that just has the Windows Client for Netware I can flip back and forth between the old and new servers just by logging out and switching the cables and logging back in.

Does the Client32 hold some kind of cache about which server MAC it is connecting to? When I switch to the new server permanently I would hate to have to uninstall all the clients and reinstall them just to get it to connect.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Dave Wilmshurst