This is an issue that I had starting with client 4.90 and continues with
Client 4.91 SP4 today. If I reboot my server any workstation the is
logged in will of course get a message about a service no longer
available but after the server has started back up with out logging back
in or rebooting your workstation you can simple access the server as if
it was never rebooted. You can use Windows Explorer and click on F:
drive and presto everything you have access to is there.

This is an obvious security risk although very popular among users since
they don't need to login or reboot their workstation. So how can i
prevent that from happening?

We also have intruder lock out set to auto logout users at a certain
time at night and it does but when they come in in the morning they jump
on their workstation as if it never happened.

I want to force them to at least login if not reboot their workstation
and log back in.