I think I know the answer, but I want all of your opinions on this. Right now I'm on sketchy ground with our iprint system running OES SP2 in a cluster. We had some minor to serious issues before brainshare, then patched, then had original problem fixed only to get different minor to serious issues. Patched again with development code, and while it works better than the other two...I could run this forever, but I don't want to be watching things this closely all the time.

I'm in a position to upgrade to OES2 on this cluster before June 1. Does anyone have any experience with OES SP2 iprint vs OES2 iprint ? Stability improvements/reductions? New limitations? New features?

So far I'm missing printer agent redirection a LOT, the ability to move print jobs from one PA to another, and some of the batch configuration options in iprintman.