Has anyone had any issues with Zenworks 7 and ndps printing. We are a novell
shop using nw65sp5 and also use zenworks 7sp1ir1 and ndps printing going
through iprint. The other day I experienced a problem with imanager not
loading on my browser and also discovered that iprint was also not loading.
I viewed the autoexec file and realized that all zenworks apps were loading
up the top of this file. In troubleshooting this I commented out most
everything and slowly allowed them back to try to pinpoint the problem. I
discovered that if I manually load the broker and ndps manager before
zenworks everything will load properly. I did this on thursday and friday
seemed ok. This morning the same issue cropped up and I performed the same
remedy. My question is could there be some conflict with Ndps printing and
zenworks 7? We use imaging, and desktop management.