First, I have a geek linux friend who says:

A) kernel 2.6.16 is quite old and
2) kernel 2.6.16 is one of the buggiest ever.

So that gives me some questions -- but first some background. We're installing SLES 10.1 onto a SAN. We haven't been able to get it to work with the exact configuration we want (that's complicated). Some configuration work. Other configurations seem to work after we install and run all the updates (including a kernel update). I think some of the problem is with the installation kernel . . .

1) What is latest kernel version publicly released (via online updates) for SLES?
B) Is there a way (that's not excessively difficult) to create a boot installation cd with the latest kernel?
3) Can we install a newer kernel other than what is released in the public updates?